Rural Saskatchewan Real Estate Market

An Overview

Since 1966, data has been collected in the agricultural field in areas throughout Canada. The idea was that this census would create a picture of the farming process, the mechanical processes of farms and how farming is being revolutionized by the technology advances that are being seen, not only in Canada, but throughout the world. In addition, thanks to the crops, livestock and the like that are being produced in these rural areas, many businesses are entertaining the idea of moving to Saskatchewan!

Fast Stats on Crops and Animal Farming

Throughout Canada, farmland has slowly started to become more scarce as urbanization has taken place. The good news is that in 2016, the number of farmlands throughout Canada increased to 83.4 million acres, which is a huge increase from the time before 2011. While there may be fewer farms than what there was in 1966, the farms that exist now are often larger than they were in the past. The average farm is now around 820 acres in size!

What are Saskatchewan farms being used for? Many of the farms in the area are being used for open pastures. However, the biggest crop that is being seen is canola. In fact, this accounts for one fifth of the total crops being produced in the area. Other crops that are being grown include soybeans, corn, fodder crops, and potatoes.

The cattle in the rural areas are seeing some changes compared to 2011. For example, there are fewer dairy cows, but the milk production is increasing. Why is this? Thanks to better understanding of genetics and more nutritional needs being met, cows are simply producing more milk! The number of beef cattle also fell despite the high demand for beef products being sent to the United States.

The number of farms that are reporting pigs are increasing exponentially. This was due to better market conditions. In addition, the feed cost has declined since the last census, along with more knowledge about how to treat diseases. Plus, there has been an increase in the demand for pigs throughout Canada and in other countries.

The Business World

The SASK rural area is the world’s largest lentil exporter, along with being the second largest oil producer! There are several businesses that are entering into these rural areas in an effort to cash in on these industries. There are several business incentives and tax credits being offered to businesses who are interested in entering into the rural location, which has increased the number of businesses being found here.

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