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When it comes to rural properties in the Saskatchewan province, there is no dearth of variety in terms of lot size, type of house structure, outbuildings and the crops grown etc. Grassland covers most of the region’s southern plains. To the north are coniferous forests, lakes, rivers and the rugged rock of the Canadian Shield plateau.

Highway 60 is the Saskatchewan’s provincial highway and is approximately 23 km long. This is a very important road for local ranches and farms in the area. Other tertiary highways branch off into various towns and cities throughout the region. The province's economy is primarily based on agriculture, energy, and mining.

Featured Areas

The region is made up of several villages and towns, and each of them has something unique and interesting to offer. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in this area are the following:

North West Saskatoon Farms

This area has a number of farms and ranches spread across the land. You can find farms and ranches of different sizes on sale, many of which grow cash crops like canola, alfalfa, tobacco and more. These farms are surrounded by large acreages which adds to the peacefulness and beauty of the properties. Many have direct access to various highways and are a few kilometres away from local communities. Almost all the land in these areas is allocated for farming and agriculture which drive the local economy as well.

North East Saskatoon Farms

The farms in North East Saskatoon are expansive and have large spaces designated for farming. These properties could have varying lot sizes and many also line the Torch River. The farms typically have a main house building with connected or detached garages for multiple vehicles. There could be outbuildings connecting to the main building via passageways. Brick bungalows with wood fireplaces and other quaint features are common in many of these homes that are decades old.

South East Saskatoon Farms

South East Saskatoon is dotted with expansive farmland dotted with beautiful single and two-storied homes offering impressive prairie views. You will also find a number of waterfront ranches a couple of kilometres from Wakaw. The beautiful Saskatchewan River meanders through this area that is served by Highway 312, Highway 41 and Highway 2. Most of the land is partially forested and hilly and lies to the east of the stunning South Saskatchewan River. Not only is the soil and climate ideal for growing different types of cash crops, but the houses on these ranches are spacious and well constructed too.

South West Saskatoon Farms

The South West Saskatoon area has scores of developmental lots and farmland lots. These farms and ranches could have large expanses of tilled land with a variety of cash crops grown on them. Some of these lots are currently agricultural with future potential for development as light industrial zones. Many of the ranches have hills and valleys and could also have creeks running through them. There could be anything from cereal grain & hay to tobacco, alfalfa or canola grown on the farms. You will find properties that are specifically sold as retirement family farms too.

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Rural Saskatchewan Real Estate Market

Learn about the current state of the rural Saskatchewan Real Estate market.

Saskatchewan Rural Living

Saskatchewan has a little something for everyone when it comes to farms and ranches. There are undulating farmlands, tillable acreages and fenced-in pasture land lots. The beauty of these ranches and farms is that if you have a taste for rural living, you get the opportunity to live and farm at the same place.

Today city folk are increasingly looking to cultivate hobby farms and want smaller ranches or farms. There are listings of varying sizes and prices depending on the condition of the farms, whether the land is tillable and whether there are any building and other structures on the property.

The topography changes significantly from one lot to the next. This means, you also get to choose whether you want plateaued farmlands or ranches that have wooded areas, valleys, and hills. Properties in close proximity of highways tend to be more in demand than the remote ones. Waterfront ranch lots that are creek or lake adjacent are popular as are ones that have tillable land or close to conveniences such as banks, medical centers, groceries etc.

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