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Saskatchewan Acreages

Saskatchewan's name is derived from the Saskatchewan River. The river’s Cree name is actually kisiskatchewani sipi, which means "swift flowing river". This province can broadly be divided into three distinct regions - forest (taiga) in the north, aspen parkland right in the center, grassland (that are part of the Great Plains) in the southern area. South and North Saskatchewan, and Assiniboine River, are its principle rivers and the region is dotted with numerous lakes and creeks as well.

This leads to an abundance of water and fertile soil, which provides the perfect conditions for growing a variety of crops such as alfalfa, cereal grains, and more. Farming and agriculture are the cornerstones of Saskatchewan’s economy as are cattle ranching, mining, and gas.

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The region is made up of several villages and towns, and each of them has something unique and interesting to offer. Find your next acreage in Saskatoon Surrounding area:

North West Saskatoon Acreages

Many people living in urban areas are increasingly showing an interest in purchasing acreages in North West Saskatoon and there are a multitude of properties to choose from. Depending on the purpose for which you are considering to invest in property here, you will find tillable land, developed and undeveloped farmlands as well as properties that are specifically sold as hobby ranches.

North East Saskatoon Acreages

This area has some acreages that are within walking distance of conveniences such as elementary schools, groceries, medical centers etc. The home structures could be in various architectural styles and there are single and double-storied homes to choose from. Luxurious walkout bungalows with outbuildings and the latest modern amenities are some things you can expect in acreages in North East Saskatoon. Many of these properties are within short driving distance of Saskatoon’s city limits, which gives the inhabitants here the best of both worlds.

South East Saskatoon Acreages

The farms and acreages in South East Saskatoon are becoming very popular with people looking for a retirement home and a laid-back lifestyle. But surprisingly, numerous young families are consciously choosing to live in these rural areas on spread-out acreages. And so, many of these properties hold an appeal for families looking for a starter home as well. You can choose from smaller lots to ones that cover 10-20 acres or more as well. They are able to enjoy a rural lifestyle without having to compromise on access to city life when required.

South West Saskatoon Acreages

Since the topography of the region transitions from plateaus to wooded areas and hills and valleys interspersed with lakes, creeks, and rivers, there are also a number of different acreages to choose from. While some of these properties have easy to access due to their proximity to highways and connecting internal roads, others are more remote. Some acreages are in close proximity to local communities offering various conveniences.

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For anyone considering to move to or invest in an acreage in this Saskatoon Surrounding Area or across Saskatchewan, there is no dearth of choices. You can enjoy modern living in a rural setting.

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Saskatchewan Rural Living

Most of these acreages have mature trees and green pastures reaching out as far as the eye can see. Many of the existing acreage owners have completely upgraded the houses with the latest and most modern amenities so you don’t have to give up on city comforts if you choose to live here.

Investing in an acreage here is one of the best ways to get the true taste of rural life in Saskatchewan.

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